Testimony for the Church, Number 14 (1868)

You listen to a discourse--the truth affects you, and the nobler powers of your mind arouse to control your actions. You see how little you have sacrificed for God, how closely self has been cherished, and you feel swayed to the right by the influence of the truth you are under; but when you pass from under this sacred, sanctifying, soothing influence, you do not possess the sanctifying influence in your own heart, and you soon fall into the same barren, ungenial state of feelings. Work, work--you must work--brain, bone, and muscle taxed to the utmost to get means which your imagination tells you must be obtained, or want and starvation will be your lot. This is a delusion of Satan, one of his wily snares to lead you to perdition. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. But you make for yourself a

time of trouble


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