Second Review and Advent Herald 1880/03/11

Are the youth prepared to give an answer to every man that asks a reason of their hope, with meekness and fear? Terrible scenes are just before them,--a

time of trouble

which will test the value of character. Those who have the truth abiding in them will then be developed. Those who have shunned the cross, neglected the word of life, and paid adoration to their own poor selves, will be found wanting. They are ensnared by Satan, and will learn when it is too late that they have made a terrible mistake. The pleasures they have sought after will prove bitter in the end. Then sacrifice all for God. Self must die. The natural desires and propensities of the unrenewed heart must be subdued. Flee to the neglected Bible. The words of inspiration are spoken to you; pass them not lightly by; for you will meet every word again, to render an account whether you have been a doer of the work, shaping your life according to the holy teachings of God's word. Holiness of heart and life is necessary. Everyone who has taken the name of Christ, and has enlisted in his service, should be a good soldier of the cross. He should show by his daily walk that he is dead to the world, and that his life is hid with Christ in God.

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