Second Review and Advent Herald 1866/02/20

I helped him into the house, but he could not speak to me until in the house he indistinctly uttered, "Pray, pray." We dropped upon our knees and cried to God who had ever been to us a present help in

time of trouble.

He soon uttered words of praise and gratitude to God, that he could use his arm. His hand was partially restored, but not fully. We sent for an electric battery, but none of us had experience sufficient to apply electricity in this critical case. A proposition was made to have the owner of the battery called to apply it. The physician came and applied the battery. We were trying to exercise faith in God. We called in a few who had faith, and our earnest petitions ascended to Heaven for help from above. The rich blessing of Heaven came frequently upon us all. Still there seemed to be a drawback to our faith--the physician applying the battery. We prayerfully considered the matter, and when he next came, told him we should no longer need his services. After this we felt no hindrance to our faith. My husband and myself felt the need of our drawing near to God. And as we by confessions and prayer drew near to God, we had the blessed assurance that he drew near to us. How unspeakably precious was the sense of God's boundless mercy toward us, his afflicted children! The stroke that had fallen upon my husband might have been final, or left him with one-half of his body palsied and dead. We wept for joy, that amid our affliction the care of God was toward us. The mighty Maker of the world--the omnipotent Ruler of the universe, was our Father! Precious, exceedingly precious, were these seasons of communion with God! Much of the time my husband was happy in the Lord. Day and night the praise of God was upon his lips, and the sick room was truly a heavenly place.

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